549 Cali Williams Yost

Cali Williams Yost

Cali Williams Yost is an internationally recognized workplace flexibility expert who has pioneered new ways to manage work, life and business in the modern economy for nearly two decades. She is the author of the new guide for everyday success on and off the job, Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day, (Center Street/Hachette, 2013), and the formal work and life reset “”how to””, Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You (Riverhead/Penguin Group, 2004).

522 Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury

I have always enjoyed writing. As I grew up, I am grateful for the encouragement I received. I wrote a diary for several years and continue to do so. Writing is an excellent way to express ourselves, using words to connect with others, sharing what we learn and often receiving support in return.

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